Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soundtrack of my life

Before getting my list out, I just wanted to inform that, being a person who has lived in Korea for the first 14 years of my life, not surprisingly, a soundtrack of my life will contain some Korean and Japanese music. So don't be startled if the song is singing in a language that you do not know. The order is: title of the song - artist.

1. Oasis - Do As Infinity
(http://youtu.be/KgdlbhxCEEM - embedding the video is disabled)
This song, I would say, kept me under control during the age range that most people would call as a "phase." I'm usually into alternative/punk rock that are usually very pumpy and somewhat loud, but for some reason I really liked to listen to this song during my middle school. Still, I never really got to see the music video of the song, which I am kind of glad that I didn't, because I feel like I would've gone into the "phase" if I got to see the music video of this. It's just weirdly creepy and I feel like I would've become very emotional if I got to see this when I was a middle school kid. I still like the song though.

2. Link - L'arc~en~ciel

This song pretty much represents my high school life because I was really into Japanese animation during this time and I was especially crazy about the animation called Fullmetal Alchemist. I dare to say that I have dedicated 2+ years of my life during high school, watching and doing some other fan-related activities such as writing fan-fictions or drawing fan-arts. You can go ahead and judge me on that and I won't care because I am so not ashamed of myself during that time, and I actually quite treasure that time.

3. Romantic Cat (낭만고양이) - Cherry Filter

This is probably the only kind of Korean music that I listened to and actually liked during middle school, while 95% of my friends were going crazy on some idols and their "a cappella" or dance music that always sang about a girl that they love, would die for, or got heartbroken. This song does not sing a single thing about love but it literally sings about a cat that dreams about going to an ocean and basically living a heavenly life for a cat, never having to go through garbage cans and just having endless fish for oneself. I really liked its up-beat rhythm and light lyrics, along with a very talented voice of the vocal. I actually got to like the main vocal a lot more by hearing a story about how she became a singer, which I got to know long after becoming the band's fan. Long story short, she was a young middle school teacher but she quit her job and became a singer, because that was what she truly loved to do, and I'm glad that she became a singer.

4. Poprocks & Coke - Green Day

I cannot not include a song by Green Day. Green Day is my favorite band and I had a real hard time picking just one song by them, because I really like many of their songs and I simply couldn't pick just one song. But I picked this song because I think it somewhat represents my life because I'm quite of a creeper (as in creeping other people out in a random way) and someone referred to this song as the "cutest stalker song" so I thought it worked out well in that context.

5. Happily Ever After - Shoko Nakagawa (中川翔子)

Probably the song that I listened to the most, and loved the most. I still do. I highly doubt that I'll ever listen to a song more than I did for this song. It also relates to my high school life and an animation that has greatly influenced my life. I think the reason that I like this song so much is because this song was used as the background music for all the epic scenes in the animation and it just recaps all the energy and many other strong, even motivational feelings that I felt when I was watching the scene.

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