Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Trip to Library

Since my topic was based on relatively current issue, I thought that I'll have to find something that's somewhat relating to the issue that I plan to discuss about. But I still didn't know what could be a good keyword or how to vary the keywords so I could specifically find a book source. So I went to the College Library and asked for help, after breifly explaning what I needed to do. After couple of searching with keyword "music" and "critisism", we pinned on a new keyword, "bubblegum (music)" and finally found a book. Unfortunately the book wasn't for the criticism of bubblegum music but more of a praise to the bubblegum music. Still, the librarian suggested to me that there could be a section talking about criticism and that I could look at the references made in that section. I also thought that this could be a good counterargument source, or just another point of view that portrays pop music as something that's not too devastating to the music industry.

The book was right at the College Library and the floor that I was at, so having the call number, it wasn't that hard to find the book. When I found the book I pulled the book out and briefly looked at the contents. It appeared that it wasn't a book by an author but an edited book with the collection of multiple writings. There was a title saying "informal" history of bubblegum music in the introduction, and one of the titles in the section "Up Close and Personal" was "I Hate Bubblegum!", which I assumed to be a criticizing piece. The books around were also talking about rather "new" music, or the music that started to get popular around slightly before my generation. The titles actually sounded very interesting that I kind of wanted to read personally, just for fun. Few of the titles were: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal, Grown Up All Wrong: 75 Great Rock and Pop Artists from Vaudeville to Techno, and All Shook Up: How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America.

The book that I found and checked out was:
Cooper, Kim, and David Smay, ed. Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth. Los Angeles: Feral House, 2001. Print.

Its call number is: ML 3534 B795 2001

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