Thursday, March 24, 2011

Research question

Is "catchy" song a "good" song?

I know that this question is very broad and need to be more specified, but I chose this question because I thought this wouldn't be too cliche if I included some concrete supports like the effects of catchiness that makes it more memorable in the brain and if it causes any more "likablility" of the song. Also I would look at what it means to be a "good" song, and rather focus on a scientific reasoning such as the harmony that the song makes and if that is typically likable sound to the ear. I don't know exactly how long the auto-tuned, repetitive songs were popular but I've seen many split opinions for those types of songs, dividing into either haters of the song or admitting that they do like it. So I would also like to compare people's reasons for liking/not liking the song, and look at the differences made between the reason for non-catchy popular songs and the reason for recent, catchy popular songs such as Rebecca Black's Friday.

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